$29 New Patient Special

$29 is all you pay for a limited exam, 2 Bitewings / 4 PA X-rays. and consult. Come and see how we have become one of the most sought after dental offices in the nation.  From most advanced equipment to most experienced doctors and frank doctors that are on salary and not on commission complemented by a host of experienced staff.  Once you see us you will become a part of our family of patients.  Our $29 New Patient Exam is what sets us apart from the rest.

So if you have cavities, missing teeth, or tooth pain then our special gives you a no-obligation exam, Xrays, and consult at a price everyone can afford. This exam also lets you evaluate our office, staff, and procedures. if you don’t like what you see you lost nothing but got a limited dental exam for only $29. It has been our experience that patients coming to us like our frankness in recommending what is good for them.  Our doctors are not commission based so what they recommend will not affect their pockets.  Our fees are lower than usual and customary fees of the area and we take pride in providing our patients with the lowest fees possible and yet give them the highest standard of dental care yet possible.  Article by Dr. Kourosh Mehrabian, DDS FICOI

$29 New Patient Exam*

*Valid only on new patients at Maryland Dental Center. Not available for Emergency visits. Special offers cannot be combined with any other special and are available for a limited time only. Patient must be 15 years or older. 

New Patients

Please try to arrive 30 minutes early for your exam. You will be able to fill out forms regarding your health history, privacy disclosures, and personal information using our Fast Check-In computerized system yourself.  Our staff will help you if needed. Once the forms are completed the receptionist will call for you to go inside and start your visit. Due to Covid-19, we will be taking Vital signs including Temperature. if you have Covid symptoms we may not be able to see you for your own safety and other patients and staff safety.

Steps for your safety: taking vital signs, floor markings for social distancing, sneeze guards, Air sanitizers, PPE including N95 masks, and disinfecting rooms after every use.

*For one time use only. This offer is only valid for the first scheduled visit and can not be combined with any other offer. We reserve the right to modify, cancel and limit any promotion or offer. We reserve the right to refuse/withdraw providing offers and/or promotions to particular individuals at our discretion. Only one promotion may be used per patient. Appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This offer has no cash value.