Corona Virus Safety Measures

In order to ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we monitor everyone entering our offices. We take every patients temperature, blood pressure and Pulse Oximeter. We require all staff to do a daily self-check before starting work by indicating if they are experiencing any know Corona Virus symptoms. As required, any employee currently showing symptoms must stay home.

Further precautions to safeguard our offices during Covid are as followed:

Sneeze guards are in place for our reception and exit areas. Floor markings are present for patients to know the safe distance from each other while in the waiting area. All chairs have been arranged to ensure that they are distanced 6 feet apart. We ask all accompanying individuals with patients to wait in their car or outside and not in our waiting area. In addition, we perform office spray and disinfectant every morning and evening. This is in addition to our daily routine OSHA infection control protocols. The routine includes the spraying of walls, cabinets, doors, and any surface that has been touched. Together, we can get through the corona virus pandemic

Patient and staff safety is our top priority!

For further information on Covid 19 follow this link:,touched%20objects%20and%20surfaces.