Dental Implants at Maryland Dental Center

+50 years of experience in dental implants placement

Our philosophy is to always do what is in the best interest of our patients as opposed to focusing on making money. That is why we use implants of the highest quality from a well known Swiss manufacturer. Their research in the field has made them one of the foremost pioneers in implant fabrication and science. Our two doctors have over 55 years of combined implant experience and are among the leading dental implant specialists in the nation. Our specialized experience in implant placement, including the crown, gives us the ability to deliver the highest quality implant placements that will have good longevity.

once in our office you will be screened and evaluated for implant placment. all options will be explained to you with what you should expect from each one and the cost of them.

What does the procedure entail?

Before the surgery we evaluate your vital signs, take X-Rays, and a CT Scan to determine if an implant is the right treatment for you. It also allows us to identify additional considerations such as a bone graft that is typically necessary prior to the surgical procedure.

Unlike some other practices we do not do one day implants nor do we do it in 30 minutes. Effective dental implant procedures require not only ample healing time but a number of steps that are best not rushed.

Once your vitals have been taken and a CT Scan is completed, one of our implant dentists will review all of the information and develop an individual treatment plan.

Should there be a need to either extract a tooth and/or do a bone graft a follow up visit will be needed in 4 – 7 days to remove the sutures and determine if any additional treatment is needed. The next visit will be in approximately three months to evaluate the progress of the bone graft. This is important to maximize the the strongest resistance to mastication and chewing forces.

On the day of surgery we will have available all of the implant sizes necessary for the best results. To insure the best results we also use our in office CT Scan machine to adjust and verify the position of the implant during the course of the surgery. Our doctors have placed over 5000 dental implants and we want you to feel comfortable and understand that you are in good hands.