Same Day Emergency Service

Dental pain Experts

$75 Emergency Promotion!!!

Experts in dental emergencies with years of experience in most complicated cases. We perform any and all dental treatments in our office to treat your emergency. From extraction to root canal therapy to implant and more. Come and see us with this incredible special designed to help our community. If you need to wait for your treatment, we may be able to provide you with prescription to alleviate pain. One dental x-ray and limited exam are included in this special offer.

We can treat emergencies the same business day

Our offices are conveniently located in Maryland and Virginia to offer same day emergency services. We will discuss your particular dental condition and help you decide whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent solution. Our doctors are on fixed salaries and do not receive commission. What they recommend you and how much you spend will not effect their pocket or judgement.

We are equipped to deal with the most complicated dental conditions making us the “go to” dental office for numerous surgical and non surgical dental emergencies.

In the interim, do the followings to help ease the pain:

-Avoid hot/cold foods and drinks. Use whatever is at a temperature close to your body. This will not trigger pain in a nerve exposed nerves.

-Avoid opening your mouth too much or breathing with your mouth rather than with your nose. Air circulation could trigger pain.

-Please avoid using hot and cold pads as they are intended for something else.

-Avoid spices, citric fruits or sugury ones.

-If you are going to take any medication for pain till you go to your dentist , use Ibuprofen rather than acetaminophen. Make sure you have eaten something as Ibuprofen does irritate the stomach. Ibuprofen is better know as Motrin and each pill can have up to 200 mg. We recommend using up to two pills every four hours. Also, be mindful of excess bleeding with these medication and always consult a physician or a dentist before taking

If you have too much pain and need the pain medication to work faster, then crush the pills into a powder form and put it under your tongue. Your body absorbs it much quicker this way.

-Avoid laying down on the side that is swollen/hurting or putting pressure on the area. More blood circulation means better immune response and access to the site of infection.

-If there is a large hole and because of it you have an intolerable pain, you may use a piece of sugarless gum ( flavor free is better) and place it in the hole till you get to the dentist. This is not a traditional remedy and is only intended to give patients less treacherous pain till they get to a dentist.

-Finally if you have fever or starting to swell up in your face, do not wait to go to dentist. these things blow up very quickly specially at night when you are in a horizontal position.

For further help call our office at the numbers in front page.

!!!$75 Emergency Promotion is the price for weekday emergency visit during normal business hours. Weekend and late day emergencies may have higher fees. Please call our office for more information about this promotion.