$29 New Patient Special

Maryland Dental Center takes pride in offering new patients high quality of service with affordable fees. Our $29 New Patient Exam is what sets us apart from the rest. If you have cavities, missing teeth, or tooth pain then our special gives you a no-obligation exam at a price everyone can afford. This exam also lets you evaluate our office, staff and procedures.

$29 New Patient Exam

  • Includes 6 x-rays
  • Full oral examination
  • Customized treatment plan

Valid only on new patients at Maryland Dental Center. Special offers cannot be combined with any other special and is available for a limited time only. Only one special offer can be used per patient. Maryland Dental Center reserves the right to cancel the offer without notice at anytime; please call for availability. This offer has no cash value.

New Patients

Please try to arrive 30 minutes early for you exam. You will be able to fill out forms regarding your health history, privacy disclosures, and personal information using our Fast Check-In system. Once the forms are completed the receptionist will call for you when the doctor is ready.
We prefer that a patient leaves with the best dental care possible instead of scheduling another appointment. This can affect the waiting times on busy days like Saturdays.

Dr. Mehrabian uses 3D CT scans to aid in dental implants and oral surgery.