Statement from Dr. Mehrabian

To all of the readers I wanted to first say thank you for the years of support that over 75,000 patients have given us. Although we are not a managed care service provider, we have accumulated more and more patients through referrals and walk-ins in our offices over the years. I have had a vision from the beginning of my career as a new dentist starting when I was in dental school, a vision to provide my patients with a low cost examination, consultation, and x-rays. Although the $19 special we have for these services is way below our cost limits, I have learned that most patients are impressed by our services, standard of care, and our frankness in what is good for them versus what is not. I have had a vision not to recommend services that are not needed or otherwise don’t make sense to do. I do not tamper with otherwise good teeth for unnecessary work. We don’t perform numerous crowns, inlays, onlays, and root canals that have very little or no impact on either cosmetic aspect of the tooth or the health of the tooth. I also have established a fee schedule which is way below market average. It is based on our cost and has nothing to do with what other dental offices in area may charge you. Because we have multiple offices and we buy our materials and supplies in bulk and because I have a passion to help people and serve my community, I have brought the fees to a very comfortable limit in comparison to usual and customary fees out there. Our fees are very low and I still enjoy a comfortable life for myself and my family. I am happy and comfortable and do not desire more. Working with my patients, doing the best quality of dentistry with the highest standard of care, and paying attention to details is what I enjoy the most.

Just to share something about my private life, I enjoy immensely cleaning, organizing things in my own house, and taking care of my two young children. I can assure you if and when you come to any one of my offices, not only you will feel the organization and practicality but also you will get a treatment plan based on what is necessary and good for you and not for our pockets. I can assure you that we will provide you with information with all frankness in terms of longevity of the services we provide or your dental situation overall. The $19 special has given all of our patients and people out there the opportunity to come and see us for themselves. There is nothing to be lost except $19 for which you would get a full dental exam, x-rays, and consultation.

The future of healthcare is in the hands of this generation of doctors to give the patients a new way of looking at their health. We are here to help you in any way we can and our treatments and recommendations for you are as if they were provided for ourselves or our own families. I can always be reached by requesting an appointment if you desire and I would be more then happy to meet with you.

p.s. all of our doctors are on fixed flat salary(no commission) and whether they recommend a $10,000 treatment or $10 it will not effect their pocket.

Kourosh Mehrabian, DDS, FICOI
Chief Dentist, Maryland Dental Center Offices