Air Abrasion

Air abrasion, known as “micro abrasion” and kinetic cavity preparation, is a method of tooth structure removal considered to be an effective alternative to the standard dental drill. How does it work? Air abrasion technology functions much like the sandblasting technique used to clear graffiti from walls. Likewise, a hand piece blows a powerful air …

Digital Dentistry

All of our offices are also equipped with digital radiography. Digital radiography provides a tool that eases diagnosis and treatment planning. As well as so many options enhancing and changing the radiography for identification. With digital x-rays a dentist is able to magnify, sharpen, or darken an x-ray. This gives the dentist an ability to …

CT Scans

With CT scans a specialist oral surgeon or dentist can obtain more information about your teeth, bone and even soft tissues with better accuracy because they are able to look at a 3D model instead of 2D x-ray.
Our office is one of the only few offices in the area that maintains a modern CT scan as a service to our patients.