Root canal therapy

We are the “to go to the dental office” when it comes to most complicated dental procedures including root canal therapy. I have been doing Dental root canal treatments for over 24 years and estimate to have finished over 10,000 canals. In our office we have performed some of the most complicated root canal treatments and have seen it all. From curved roots to calcified and closed canals to canals with pulp stones. I also have set up patient treatement rooms solely for oral surgery and root canal therapy where efficiency increases tremendously by just being set up for that one procedure. we also have purchased numerous and multiple advanced equipments to deal with different kind of root canal therapy. Machines and equipments to deal with every scenario. To make it as much a full bullet proof set up as possible we have purchased a 3D CT scan (over 80,000 cost) to use when is needed and when it would serve our patients to provide them with best quality of Root Canal Treatment or oral surgery. looking at your xray in 3D is to see one more dimension and many things that otherwie could not be seen with even the most advanced digital xray. Staff helping me are also trained only in these areas and are well trained in their job. Together with my experience and dental equipments you will recieve gold standard of dentistry in your treatments and you should expect nothing less, you have my assurance. My staff and I are compassionate and understanding of your need and we know this is not only scary but costly. so we have adapted not only to make you feel comfortable but also reducing the costs as well. “Article by Dr. Kourosh Mehrabian, Chief Dentist Maryland Dental Center offices”