special includes exam, one xray and consult .

Come in or call us for your emergency dental care needs. Dr. Mehrabian has over 24 years of experience in most complicated dental treatments and is ready to serve you if needed.  our offices are equiped with most advanced dental equipments and comining it with our doctors experience we provide our patients highest quality of dentistry possible. whats more is that Maryland Dental Center prides itself in keeping its fees well below the area and usual and customary fees.

if your dental emergency involves sever intolerable pain, then dont wait till next day, they usually get worse over night.  consult your physician and use some anti inflamatory med like Motrin and come and see us. the anti inflamatory effect reduces the pain sometimes more than the pain killing effect itself.

we use practically in our treatments and recommending what makes sense based on patients need and desires. we would cater to your schedule as well providing you with early morning appointment or late evening or even saturdays appointments.

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Germantown 19731 Frederick Road
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