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  • Toothbrushes

    Angled heads, raised bristles, oscillating tufts and handles that change colors with use: you name it, toothbrushes come in all shapes, colors and sizes, promising to perform better than the rest. But no body of scientific evidence exists yet to show that any one type of toothbrush design is better at removing plaque than another.…

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  • Mouthwash and Rinses

    Rinses are generally classified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as either cosmetic or therapeutic, or a combination of the two. Cosmetic rinses are commercial over-the-counter (OTC) products that help remove oral debris before or after brushing. They temporarily suppress bad breath, diminish bacteria in the mouth and refresh the mouth with a…

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  • Air Abrasion

    Air abrasion, known as “micro abrasion” and kinetic cavity preparation, is a method of tooth structure removal considered to be an effective alternative to the standard dental drill. How does it work? Air abrasion technology functions much like the sandblasting technique used to clear graffiti from walls. Likewise, a hand piece blows a powerful air…

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