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  • Root Canal Therapy at MDC

    Alleviate Comfort and Restore Dental Health with Root Canal Therapy! We are the “go-to dental office” when it comes to the most complicated dental procedures especially root canal therapy. I have been doing root canal treatments for over 24 years and estimate to have finished over 10,000 procedures. We have performed some of the most…

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  • Wisdom Teeth: What are they?

    Why don’t wisdom teeth grow in right? Although we have seen a reduction in the size of the human jaw during the course of human evolution, we still retain the same number of teeth. The change in jaw size of modern humans is related to the discovery and use of fire to prepare food, and…

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  • Root Canals

    Root Canal – Maryland Dental Center here are give aways for you to know you need a root canal therapy.  first you will and should see a large hole usually black somewhere on your tooth.  this is caries otherwise known as cavity.  now the cavity could be large but dont requier a root canal therapy…

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