$4200 Zimmer Implants

We don’t use cheap implants imported from countries with little or no research behind their implants. We use Zimmer Dental Implants imported from Swiss where there is over 40 years of experience and research supporting our work and your dental health. they are costly but effective and without any question of their longevity. Implants failure rate is typically 3% and Zimmer Dental Implants are well under that ratio.

These implants are genuine Zimmer products and are not clones which are too common in today’s industry. These clones of are much cheaper and while all claim to be as good, but lack drastically in comparison to the real Zimmer product with proven quality and years of research. Each Zimmer implant is inserted and labeled in your dental record and is available for you so for the rest of your life you have access to anything that may be needed. Since this implant is well known, acquiring parts is easy.

Your experience with our dental implant placement will be great and we are sure you will give us a five star rating. We have developed a system, placing numerous Zimmer implants and have CT scan on board which is a plus compare to fact that you may not have access to it. Our surgeons could use CT scan to adjust placement during surgery vs not having that option. our team is also trained for this procedure and treat you exactly like in a hospital setting to first evaluate you to see if you are a candidate or you need bone graft or if this is not a good option for you before proceeding. this evaluation is done by using CT scan and in office evaluation, readings on pulse oximeter, blood pressure . our office is also up to date with Covid-19 procedures to protect our patients.