$4200 Swiss Dental Implant Procedure

This is where we are different

We use Swiss implants by Zimmer. No clones, no after market, no $150 implants. Our office is one of the most reliable and most well known implant specialists in the area. We pride ourselves in quality and offering what is beneficial to our patients rather than suggesting high priced treatments. First, we take an evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for implants. Next, we comprise a treatment plan based on your mouth and the best longevity and for the best cosmetic effect. Our team has over 55 years of experience total in the field of implant and dental surgery. Together we have placed thousands of implants in patients and have boiled down this procedure into a science. A science that gives you most reliability and most beautiful smile.

Our specialist(s) can perform complicated bone grafting procedures with a revolutionary new technique called PRF. This gives you enhanced bone and the most predictable prognosis. PRF is done by withdrawing blood and using special centrifuge machines to extract a yellow gummy like material known as PRF. It has done miracles in healing and prognosis of the implants. Our in house CT scan gives our specialists a live sense of where the surgery and implant positioning is going. Finally, Our implants are from highest quality and from a well known swiss manufacturer that has been doing research in the field and is one of the formost pioneers in implant fabrication and science. our two doctors together have over 55 years of implant experience and are one of the leading dental implant specialists in the Nation. Article by “Kourosh Mehrabian DDS FICOI”

We specialize in implant placement and crowns

Our office setting is in such a way that it produces the highest quality of implant placements and longevity possible. Before the surgery, we examine you vital signs including xrays and a CT ( 3 dimension Xray) to see if you can be a good candidate for the procedure or if you need a bone graft or other procedurre before your surgical day. we dont do one day implant nor do we do it in 30 minutes and our practice philosophy is somewhat different. we believe dental implants require certain healing time and certain steps and do not rush into things.

Once your vital and CT scan is done, our dentists will evaluate your xrays and proceed to sign the preoperative forms for you with any necessary notes. on the day of surgery we have stocked all implant sizes possible for your boe and mouth and use CT scan on site again to adjust and verify position of the implant as the surgery progresses. our doctors have placed over 5000 dental implants and we want you to feel comfortable and that you are in good hands.

after surgery you will come back in 4 – 7 days for suture removal and a check up and you are done for three months approximately for your bone and implant to integrate to provide the strongest resistance to mastication and chewing forces.