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  • Root Canal Therapy at MDC

    Alleviate Comfort and Restore Dental Health with Root Canal Therapy! We are the “go-to dental office” when it comes to the most complicated dental procedures especially root canal therapy. I have been doing root canal treatments for over 24 years and estimate to have finished over 10,000 procedures. We have performed some of the most…

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  • $45 Full Dental Exam Special*

    $45 is all you pay for a Complete Oral Examination, Full Mouth Xrays, and Consult. So if you have cavities, missing teeth, or tooth pain then our special gives you a no-obligation exam, Xrays, and consult at a price everyone can afford. This exam also lets you evaluate our office, staff, and procedures. if you…

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    With some of the most experienced Oral Surgeons paired with Dr. Mehrabian’s extensive knowledge in the field, Maryland Dental Center is the go-to dental office. We are equipped with the most advanced equipment such as digital X-ray sensors and CT Scan in 3D radiography. With a wide range of oral surgery treatments done in our…

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    New Patients and Emergency

    We will give priority to new patient appointments for next day if called after business hours. If you are a current patient, please call during the next business day. Our answer-er can not assist you with changing your appointment. All preexisting appointments must be changed before closing of business day. $29 New Patient Promotion $29…

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  • Office Wait Times

    Due to Covid 19 our office may experience longer than normal wait times. To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we ask all staff members who are showing symptoms to go home and any patients showing symptoms will be asked to reschedule their visits. As a result, we may be short-staffed on certain…

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  • Corona Virus Safety Measures

    In order to ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we monitor everyone entering our offices. We take every patients temperature, blood pressure and Pulse Oximeter. We require all staff to do a daily self-check before starting work by indicating if they are experiencing any know Corona Virus symptoms. As required, any employee currently…

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